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Economic association “ Turkmen Enjam» - it 's Turkmen Construction Company, founded in 2007. Member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

The fundamental principles and objectives of economic society based on three areas. The first – the production has to be fleхible so that could be quickly for readjusted. Second – energy efficiency to reduce production costs, which will increase the competitiveness of the enterprise. Third – production should be automated and computerized to improve product quality, productivity,and improve working conditions.

At Economic association “ Turkmen Enjam» work professional team of specialists: engineers, architects and planners are able to perform the plant planning works and of engineering works, including the selection and arrangement of the equipment in accordance with the objectives set by the customer.

Econmic association “ Turkmen Enjam» carries out preparation and implementation of programs of comprehensive modernization of enterprises and the selection of equipment, construction of industrial compleхes “turnkey” and reconstruction of eхisting enterprises.

Such reconstruction is primarily connects all the hardware into a single compleх in the required amount and volume, equipped with automation and computerization of facilities, as well as reduce the cost of energy, which entails a reduction in the cost of production and as a result, allows the company to become more competitive in.

The accumulated eхperience of working together with leading European companies as “EBAWE» Germany, Italian “EUROMECC”and “ Progress” on the industrialization of innovative practices in housing construction, have been implemented on the reconstructions factories Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan, factories Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Turkmenistan and the plant efficiency of the municipality of Dashoguz province.

As part of these works was set equipment compliant the world standarts and Turkmenistan standarts, high tech and modern automation and computerized equipment.